Wood Flooring Installation McKinney & Collin County Texas

Hardwood Flooring Installations In McKinney Texas.

Hardwood Flooring Installations McKinney Texas

Installing hardwood flooring into a home or business has almost become a staple in remodeling projects and new construction.  The look of hardwood and the richness and beauty it adds to the interior aesthetics of your space if tough to beat.  The proven durability of hardwood flooring makes it a great option for high traffic areas of your home or for commercial applications as well.

HomePro Remodeling can install a variety of domestic and exotic species of hardwood flooring in both pre-finished and unfinished materials to fit your specific flooring needs.  We can install name brand manufacturers and only the highest quality materials. When you purchase the right flooring products along with a professional installation you are assuring that your new hardwood floor should last a very long time.

Hardwood Flooring Installations McKinney Texas

  • Sub-Floor Preparation and Repairs
  • Hardwood Flooring Installations.
  • Oak Hardwood Flooring
  • Mahogany Hardwood Flooring
  • Bamboo Hardwood Flooring

Don’t forget About Your Sub-Floor

Hardwood flooring is fairly simple to install, hence the reason that so many homeowners opt to do it themselves or hire the contractor who comes in with the lowest bid.  As professionals we are often called to fix these type of jobs and the most common problem we run into was a lack of sub-floor preparation.  If you want a flat and level floor then time needs to be spent making sure the floors base is level and smooth.

If you have plywood sheathing on the floor, it can warp over time and cause those dreaded “creaks” nobody wants to have in their hardwood floor.  Sometimes entire sections of plywood will need to be replaced to achieve a flat and level floor.  If you have a concrete slab they are well known for having leveling issues depending on how much care your builder spent on the slab.  Slight rolling hills and valleys in the concrete slab will cause the same effect in your hardwood floor and will create problems where the hardwood joins together.  When a hardwood floor isn’t completely flat any of the high spots on the floor will become wear points and these places will wear out much faster.

Choosing The Right Contractor For Your Hardwood Flooring Project

Christopher Muragas Owner Of HomePro RemodelingNow it’s time for some truth. You probably know that anyone with construction experience can buy some tools, get insurance (or not), and call themselves a remodeling contractor.  This doesn’t mean all remodeling contractors are capable of the same quality and standards of craftsmanship or the overall customer experience they offer.

When you choose to work with HomePro Remodeling you’ll find out that we are professional in everything we do.  We are clear communicators and you’ll have one point of contact throughout the duration of your remodeling project. We are careful and safe while working on your property and we make every effort to minimize any hassles and stress while we work on your home.

We listen to your needs, we pay attention to the finer details and we don’t cut-corners. Our goal is to produce quality work at a competitive price and we ensure you are completely satisfied with your finished project.  This is your home, we want you to be over-the-top happy with the outcome.

It’s through our unwavering commitment to each and every customer that our business continues to grow through the word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations our happy customers continue to give. We’d love the opportunity to take a look at your potential home remodeling project so you can see first hand how amazing we are to work with and how knowledgeable we are in the remodeling process. You want to make significant changes to your home and we’re the company that can do them for you. Are you ready to get started?

If you’d like to arrange an initial in-home consultation for your wood flooring or hardwood flooring installation project give us a call at (469) 678-6200 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away to arrange a time for us to meet.  We’re excited to meet you and learn how we can help you with your project.

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